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Welcome to <Truth and Entropy>!

<Truth and Entropy> is a new Defiant Rift guild on the Laethys shard. We are a group of friends whose primary goal is to help as many members as possible in experiencing as much of Rift as they want. This includes levelling, raiding, guild progression and PvP activities. Currently we have a large, friendly community of players from all walks of life from all over the world. We love having fun, and we love working together to accomplish more in Rift. But most importantly.... we have cookies  :D

We welcome any mature, friendly player that shares our philosophy that a guild can be fun, friendly and still able to experience every aspect of Rift. It doesn't matter your class or level; our focus is on players and not characters, and we'd love to have you! :D

We've moved! Check out our new website at: -- hope to see you there! :D

Guild News

New Faster Site!

riftgirls, Aug 5, 11 5:58 AM.
Hi everyone! We've moved our website over to a faster server that has a cleaner interface and is a lot nicer to use / work with! (No more lost edits!!) If you have an account here, just message an officer or Aelilea / Aiori in-game and we'll give you the code to get setup on the new site super-speedily! :D

I think... this deserves a fresh batch of COOKIES to celebrate! :D

Guild History

riftgirls, Aug 1, 11 8:18 AM.
Since we've been asked about our history frequently, we've decided to post why we created this guild with this name in the Library. Enjoy! :)

Website Updates

truthandentropy, Aug 1, 11 6:55 AM.
As you may have noticed, many of the documents in the library have been freshly revised reflecting refinements we've made to the etiquette surrounding masqueraids (raids). In particular, everything has been put into place on the website for our members to fully acquaint themselves with our way of hosting T&E masqueraids. Anyone interested in participating in T&E masqueraids will have to be familiar with all the articles in the Library in the "Masqueraid Balls" tab.

We have also updated the Guild Ranks, Member Progression and Kicking Policy to reflect a stronger stance we've decided to take on members mistreating others within the guild.

Pushing for 3rd Bank Tab

truthandentropy, Jul 30, 11 3:42 AM.
Due to the overwhelming generosity of all our guild members, we are finding that the guild bank is filling up literally within minutes at certain times of the day. As we are so happy with how the GB has been working to distribute items to all guild members, it is clear that we now need a third bank tab to ensure that the GB's success continues.

Our guild bank policies are not changing. Indeed, people will never be required to donate items or funds to the guild (although both are very appreciated) and all members will always have the right to take items out of the guild bank. However, we just wanted to let everyone know that we will start selling more excess items from the GB, as opposed to converting items to guild consumables, for the time being. We are not too fond of having to play AH for funds, but we believe this to be the best thing to do for our members.

Updating Website

truthandentropy, Jul 29, 11 2:29 AM.
Hi guys, just letting you know that we are currently updating a lot of articles in the library with a bunch of new stuff:
  • Revision of raiding documents (schedules, build, etc.)
  • Slight edits on various articles
  • Articles that are both in the library and the forums are being removed from the forums
We are also adding in Rift running schedules in the events calendar. Basically, we are in the process of fine tuning everything, as we are quickly approaching the point of being able to raid. These changes will be done within the next day or so.  :D
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